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The Vienna School of International Studies is a postgraduate professional school, dedicated to preparing talented university and college graduates for international careers and positions of leadership in international organizations, the EU, in public service and in international business. The main training areas encompass international relations, political science, international and EU law, economics, history and languages.

In addition, the Vienna School of International Studies offers - Executive Training Programmes - a Summer Course for German language and Austrian studies - conferences and lectures with well-known figures from politics, economics and culture academic research


The Vienna School of International Studies is a postgraduate professional school, dedicated to preparing talented men and women for international careers and positions of leadership. Its unique teaching philosophy is built on five pillars: - the highest academic standards - multidisciplinary training - the interplay between theory and practice - full competence in languages - an optimal student-teacher ratio.

This teaching philosophy ensures that students receive a world-class education in international affairs, an endeavour begun by the Empress Maria Theresa when she founded the Academy in 1754.


In 1754 the Empress Maria Theresa founded the Oriental Academy to train young men for the diplomatic service of the Habsburg monarchy. Out of the Oriental Academy evolved first the Consular Academy and in 1964 theDiplomatische Akademie Wien, which in 1996 asDiplomatische Akademie Wien-Vienna School of International Studies was granted the status of an independent public training institution. The Academy is thus one of the oldest of its kind worldwide.


The Vienna School ot International Studiesis a member of various networks whose activities and initiatives bring together people working in the field of International Relations. In addition, cooperation agreements make it possible forour students to complete part of their studies at a partner university.

International Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT) The International Forum on Diplomatic Training assembles Deans and Directors of some 100 Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations worldwide. It was established in 1972 by a joint initiative of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien and the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

The Forum meets annually to share information about recent trends in diplomacy and experiences gained in training for diplomatic and international careers.

Cooperative Degree Programmes The Cooperative Degree Programmes of theVienna School of International Studiesare open to students of the „Master of Advanced International Studies". MAIS students have the opportunity to complete their second academic year at a partner university.

ClubDA Since 1964 as many as 1700 students from over 100 countries have successfully completed academic programmes of theDiplomatische Akademie Wien (DA). The Alumni Club of the DA (ClubDA) was established with the aim of enabling alumni to easily keep in touch with each other and the DA after their studies. In addition, this worldwide network provides strong support to DA alumni on their path to a successful career.

FULBRIGHT GRANTS The Vienna School of Internatinal Studiesand the Fulbright Commission in Austria offer jointly a Fulbright-Diplomatic Student Grant and a Fulbright-Diplomatic Academy Visiting Professor of International Relations Grant.

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キャンパス 全日制課程 2 年間 October 2018 オーストリア ウィーン

MAISプログラムは、政治や国際関係、国際経済学、歴史、国際および欧州法の高度な研究を中心とした2年間のアカデミックプログラムです。 [+]

ザ· MAISプログラム 政治と国際関係、国際経済学、歴史、国際および欧州法の高度な研究を中心とした2年間のアカデミックプログラムです。

学生はこの研究ベースのプログラムで学際的な論文を完了する必要があります。 幅広い知識、強力な分析能力、いくつかの言語能力、および国際社会の経験を搭載し、卒業生は国際機関、企業、および政府の位置に、またはさらなる研究や学術のキャリアに進んでください。 MAISはの共同修士学位です 外交アカデミーとウィーン大学.


大学と大学のすべての分野の卒業生とmultidiscplinary修士プログラムを通じて国際関係の深い知識を得るために望むあらゆる国籍。 ... [-]


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